handcrafted grazing board
handcrafted grazing board with bread, tomatoes and olive oil

Grazing Board

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Elevate your entertaining experience with Morella Grove's Grazing Board, a beautiful, handcrafted piece that brings elegance to any table setting. Made from Camphor Laurel sourced from Northern NSW, each 70 cm long board is naturally antibacterial and finished with a premium hard wax oil polish for food safety. Ideal for showcasing a variety of gourmet delights, from cheeses and meats to fruits and artisanal breads, this board's unique handcrafted nature means no two pieces are alike. Its timeless design and natural beauty make it a perfect centrepiece for gatherings, celebrations, or a quiet evening at home.

Create a gourmet experience with Morella Grove’s Handcrafted Grazing Board, a beautiful centrepiece designed to elevate your gatherings. This premium board encapsulates our family’s generations of passion, celebrates the bounty of Riverina’s landscapes, and reflects our commitment to quality craftsmanship.

Expertly handmade in Northern NSW from durable, naturally antibacterial camphor laurel wood, our grazing board promises to be a treasured addition to your home. Its smooth, elegant finish is accentuated by a food-safe, hard wax oil polish that enhances the natural tones and grains of the wood.

Offering ample space for an array of delicacies, our grazing board provides the perfect backdrop for casual snacking or lavish entertaining. Arrange your favourite cheeses, cured meats, fruits, nuts, chutneys, and more to create a visually stunning spread.

More than a serving board, this handcrafted piece will become a conversation starter that brings people together. It transforms everyday moments into memorable occasions filled with meaningful connections.

Bring the heritage of Australia’s landscapes to your table with Morella Grove’s premium Handcrafted Grazing Board.

✓ Beautiful Handcrafted Camphor Laurel Wood Board
✓ Sustainably Sourced from Northern NSW Forests
✓ Naturally Antibacterial Wood Safe for Food
✓ Finished with Food-Safe Premium Hard Wax Oil
✓ Perfect for Cheese, Charcuterie and Hors D'oeuvres
✓ Generous 70cm Size for Gatherings and Parties
✓ Each Board Uniquely Handmade with Character
✓ Elevates and Stylizes Grazing Presentations
✓ Made for Entertaining and Impressing Guests
✓ A Focal Piece for Any Charcuterie Spread!

Materials: Handcrafted from solid Camphor Laurel wood sourced ethically from Northern NSW.

Dimensions: Approximately 70cm x 25cm


Ethically sourced, renewable Camphor Laurel wood

Naturally antibacterial properties

Finished with food-safe, eco-friendly hard wax oil

Each piece will vary slightly due to the artisanal handcrafting

Perfect for presenting cheese, charcuterie, dips, fruits, sweets


Hand wash with warm soapy water and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth

Do not soak or submerge in water

Re-apply wax oil periodically to nourish and protect the wood

Origin: Handmade in Australia using locally sourced materials.

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1/2 cup (150g) Morella Grove satay sauce

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200g pizza cheese 

1 Lebanese cucumber, grated

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From our family to yours

At the heart of every Morella Grove product is a story steeped in tradition, innovation, and a deep connection to the land. Born from the rich soils of the Riverina, NSW, our family have lovingly nurtured this land across three generations.

From Frank Dal Bon’s pioneering spirit, which revolutionised traditional farming methods, our heritage is a blend of respect for the past and a vision for the future.

Morella Grove is more than just a producer of fine olive oil and gourmet products; we are custodians of a legacy that honors the land and the community that sustains it. Our commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation is reflected in every product we craft.

Welcome to Morella Grove, where every drop tells a story, every flavour a memory and every customer becomes part of our extended family.

We thank you for being part of our journey. A journey that celebrates the richness of the Riverina, the joy of crafting exceptional products, and the satisfaction of sharing them with the world.


It is handcrafted from beautiful Camphor Laurel wood ethically sourced in Northern NSW.

Hand wash only with warm soapy water. Do not soak or put in dishwasher. Oil periodically to maintain the finish.

Yes, it is treated with a premium food-safe hard wax oil to protect and make it safe for food use.

Unfortunately not as standard, however please feel free to drop us a message and we’ll be happy to help if we can.